Existing homeowners have taken advantage of lower mortgage rates through Product Transfers or Re-mortgaging without the need to move home

In 2019 the FCA allowed more flexibility within the EU Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) (incorporated into UK legislation in 2016). This now helps customers move their mortgages as previously it had been implemented in such a way that made it harder for mortgage firms to offer re-mortgages to customers moving between one firm and another, and therefore, made it particularly difficult for borrowers sitting on reversion rates with inactive or non-regulated firms who were not able to demonstrate they could meet the new affordability requirements.

We can simplify the re-mortgage process for you. Our service is completely free and you are under no obligation to commit to anything we find. If we source a deal you like then our pledge to you is that 25% of any fees we receive from the lender will be donated to a charity of your choice. Please contact Michaela on mchard@fundugive2.com for more information. Thank you