Re-mortgage to lock in a better deal

Approx 170,000 fixed mortgage rates will end this month. If this applies to you, please NOTE you are likely to be moved to a more expensive variable rate unless you act now and find a cheaper deal. Mortgage rates are going up and homeowners are looking to snap up deals before this happens. It is possible to lock into a new mortgage rate up to 6 months before a deal ends.

Banks have relaxed rules around Product Transfers (PT), where you can get a cheaper deal at the end of your fixed rate by staying with your current lender. Anyone who has missed mortgage payments will now be eligible for a PT if they want one.

We can simplify the re-mortgage process for you. Our service is completely free and you are under no obligation to commit to anything we find. If we source a deal you like then we will donate 25% of any fees we receive from the lender to a charity of your choice. Please check out our re-mortgage guide fundugive2 re-mortgage guide