Shop for re-mortgage deals sooner rather than later

Homeowners looking to re-mortgage are advised to start shopping for a deal sooner rather than later. It is highly likely there will be fewer options in the months ahead and stricter rules on borrowers.

You can check out deals from lenders online and gather together the best ones for you, or a quicker route could be through a broker such as fundUgive2, as we work with many lenders and often have exclusive deals not offered from a lender to the general public.

You also need to consider any fees associated with the re-mortgage and we will look at any re-mortgage deal as a whole and advise the best deal for savings overall.

You may also be considering a fixed rate for a long term or be looking for the best deal that allows you to turn your built up equity into cash.

We can simplify the re-mortgage process for you. Our service is completely free and you are under no obligation to commit to anything we find. If we source a deal you like then our pledge to you is that 25% of any fees we receive from the lender will be donated to a charity of your choice. Please contact Michaela on for more information. Thank you