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Re-mortgaging 2021 – Switch Save Donate ⠀

You may be considering re-mortgaging for the following reasons:⠀
💒 Save money and make your repayments more affordable⠀
💒 The value of your home has increased and you want to borrow more⠀
💒 Your current mortgage deal is ending and will revert to the lender’s standard variable rate (SVR) usually more expensive and at risk of interest rate rises as lenders can often move their SVR with no clear link to the Bank of England base rate⠀
💒 Re-mortgaging with your current lender to a better rate may be a quicker route to saving money as you don’t need a further valuation on your property and no credit checks are required. 🏚️ You may even benefit from additional borrowing should you require it.⠀

We are an experienced mortgage broker offering a free mortgage advice service that can help you with all this and more⠀

We will also donate 25% of our fees from the mortgage lenders to a charity of your choice ⠀

We can let you know if you are better off staying with your current lender and moving to a new deal with them or switching to a different provider. We can help you decide what is affordable and doesn’t impact on your current lifestyle. We make the process as simple as possible and you don’t need to leave home.⠀

Please contact Michaela on 020 3954 2103 or email mchard@fundugive2.com or visit our website www.fundugive2.com

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