Switch Save Donate – Re-mortgage and consider locking into a rock bottom mortgage rate while you can

  • There has probably never been a better time as new fixed rate loan deals have been launched at less than 1% making the market incredibly competitive.
  • It appears unlikely that the Bank of England will introduce negative interest rates, therefore, with the base rate at 0.1% the question is when they will increase and then by how much, potentially making a fixed rate loan the best option.
  • Additionally, bear in mind even though two year fixed rates are cheaper it could still be beneficial opting for a five year fixed rate. By doing so, you not only secure a low interest rate for an extended period of time but you also avoid the cost of switching to another deal two or fours years down the line.
  • As an experienced mortgage broker we can find the best deals, including exclusive deals not on the high street, and help you decide which one works for you to help save you money.
  • Our service is completely free and we will donate to a charity of your choice.


We are an experienced mortgage broker offering a free mortgage advice service that can help you with all this and more.⠀

We can let you know if you are better off staying with your current lender and moving to a new deal with them or switching to a different provider. We can help you decide what is affordable and doesn’t impact on your current lifestyle. We make the process as simple as possible and you don’t need to leave home.⠀

Please contact Michaela on 020 3954 2103 or email mchard@fundugive2.com or visit our website www.fundugive2.com

We will also donate 25% of our fees from the mortgage lenders to a charity of your choice 

Please check out our re-mortgage guide fundugive2 re-mortgage guide